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In 500 years from now they’ll be going through conversations saying, “This is the first recorded use of the word ‘dangus’ which, as you know, is a staple of communication….”

Social Link is The Stereogram’s games podcast, featuring our staffers yammering about the latest video game news and releases. We’ll be putting this out on a weekly basis, so be sure to check around us out on Twitter for any updates.

This week we’ve got site newcomer Michael Real joining us. He introduces himself well on the podcast, but, honestly, nothing summarizes him quite as succinctly as this does.

Arden: do usb adapters ever just like. die out
Michael Real: Everything dies eventually
Arden: oh my god

Listen to this week’s episode for even more Michael Real hijinks, as well as League of Legends talk, the value of life in Day Z, how to market feminism, and Richard Garriott’s magician swag.

Use this link to download or listen to Episode 2 – Real Talk.

Intro: “Dunn It Up” – Fatal Labyrinth
Outro: “Who Just Walked In The Room” – Fatal Labyrinth

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