Social Link: Episode 3 – Church of Anime

social link ep 3Our editor-in-chief is now officially anime-married to Tiki from Fire Emblem: Awakening. You can find their wedding registry here.

Social Link is The Stereogram’s games podcast, featuring our staffers yammering about the latest video game news and releases. Check back every Monday for new episodes!

To commemorate William’s wonderful engagement to his anime dragon princess, we discuss anime marriages, after talking about some new business involving goth thieves, Taoism, Saints Row IV, and how to treat PR people like human beings. Due to technical issues, a short intermission is included near the beginning. For future reference, whenever you hear anything from Albeniz’s Suite española, you can assume something’s gone pear-shaped on our end.

Use this link to download or listen to Episode 3 – Church of Anime.

Intro: “Dunn It Up” – Fatal Labyrinth
Outro: “Who Just Walked In The Room” – Fatal Labyrinth

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