Social Link: Episode 5 – We Should Get An IRC Channel

1If you support The Stereogram getting an IRC channel, please leave a comment below. If you have any tips on hosting an IRC server (because I sure don’t know how that works), that’d be great too. Until then, we’re hosted at Rizon here.

I’d rather have a BBS but that’s a ridiculous can of worms in the year of our lord 2013.

Social Link is The Stereogram’s games podcast, featuring our staffers yammering about the latest video game news and releases. Check back every Monday for new episodes!

Due to extenuating circumstances, we weren’t able to record an episode last week. To make up for that, we put our A game into this one, and it’s longer than most of our previous work. Enjoy! Also we should totally get an IRC channel. It’ll be great.

Use this link to download or listen to Episode 5 – We Should Get An IRC Channel.

Intro: “Dunn It Up” – Fatal Labyrinth
Outro: “Who Just Walked in the Room” – Fatal Labyrinth

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