Social Link: Episode 10 – The Genealogy of Donkey Kong

KongFamilyIDK64After a short absence due to school, we’re back to discuss relevant issues in the medium of games, like how the Kong family fits into the Mario canon and whatever happened to Donkey Kong Jr.

Social Link is The Stereogram’s games podcast, featuring our staffers yammering about the latest video game news and releases.

Along with DK, we talk about the new Intel Haswell chips (and why they’re so disappointing), Peter Molyneux continuing to be Peter Molyneux, and Dennis Dyack continuing to be Dennis Dyack. All of your old favorites, right here, right now.

Use this link to download or listen to Episode 10 – The Genealogy of Donkey Kong..

Intro: Donkey Kong 64 - “DK Rap”
Outro: Super Smash Bros. Melee - “Kongo Jungle (Monkey Rap Remix)”


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