About Us

What happens when a bunch of friends with big ideas and big heads get together and decide to make a website? The Stereogram happens. It’s a site dedicated to all the things we love: video games, animation, and comics. Y’know, the cool stuff.

Look, we get it. Sometimes the comic shop isn’t the most hospitable place. At a cursory glance, the anime being put out these days is for the sort of people who gave up on life a long time ago. Most of the time, the video game industry does a really bad job of convincing anyone over the age of twelve why they should risk being seen playing a game.

That’s where we come in.

We’re here to make it cool again. We’re here to spread the word on what’s good. We’re here to bring new depth to the stuff you thought you had figured out. Stuff you didn’t even know you were into.

You want reviews of the video games that matter? We got your back. You want long form essays on all the rad-as-heck manga? We’re way into that. You want to talk about cartoons? We love cartoons! Seriously, ask us about Home Movies.

This is The Stereogram. We built this site because we believe video games, animation, and comics are the coolest stuff in the whole dang world and we want to prove it.

Pull up a chair. Read a thing. Learn to love again.