William T. Carpenter Jr.

Position: Editor-in-Chief
Specialties: Dumb Video Game Trivia, Hugs, Pretending
William has always liked dumb things like video games, animation, and comic books, ever since he was a tiny baby. He likes them so much, in fact, that he decided to make this website with his friends. He thinks it might be a fun thing that people might enjoy! When he’s not busy with websites and writing, he likes finding new games to play and comics to read! His favorite video games are Chrono Trigger and Gitaroo-Man and Earthbound.
You can follow William on the Twitter @Pixel_Kaiser, if you wanna.


Justin “Jay” Hutchison

Position: Managing Editor, Keyboard Pokist
Specialties: Pretension, Synthesized Violins, Drift Racing
Despite being the youngest member of Stereogram’s staff, Jay was still old enough to cut his teeth on the last arcade in town before it closed for good. (Damned go-kart accidents.) Though he’s a bit of a late arrival to the comics scene, he’s spent most of his life steeped in anime and games of all sorts. Outside of his writing, he makes music as Fatal Labyrinth. He is not a fan of Fatal Labyrinth, the video game.
You can follow Justin on Twitter @JayHitcher and Tumblr, listen to his music on Soundcloud


Arden Kehoe

Position: Audacious Adventurer
Specialties: Infinite screaming, struggling to cope with vast feelings regarding RPGs, smoochin’
Arden Kehoe is an indie designer, illustrator, writer, former student, and all around class act.



Mal Robin Scott

Position: Kawaii Kween
Specialties: Rappin’ and Trappin’, Kawaii’n and Profilin’
Member of notable anime rap collective Dior Sentai, Mal is all about the anime life and packs mad shoujo heat. And when she’s not producing music under the alias Appletrack or watching anime she’s probably playing video games. Just don’t ask her to play Katawa Shoujo again. Ever.
You can follow Mal on Twitter @appletrack, listen to her music at, listen to Dior Sentai.


Isaac Robins

Position: Comics Goblin
Specialties: Crying at cartoons, Real Talking & comforting you when you’re both lying under a table at a party, drunk and wondering where your life is going.
Isaac loves comics so much he wants to marry them, but he can’t so he makes them instead. He appreciates comics from all over the world and is constantly looking for new and exciting stuff, but also has a deep attachment to video games and animation. Isaac has a bias towards stories about heartfelt conversations, science fiction and goofy action. His favourite game would probably be Animal Crossing. Isaac thinks Ponyo is objectively the cutest movie ever made.
His comics and illustration work can be seen on tumblr, and you can see him goof on twitter @skeletonhouse.


Orlando Bennett

Position: Shounen Sage
Specialties: Watching anime and playing video games, sometimes at the same time
Boredom reigns supreme in Orlando’s life and the only way to live past it is by playing games and watching anime. If you ever find him not doing one of those things, he’s probably reading a fantasy novel, drinking with friends or being a family man. His favourite game is Chrono Trigger for the SNES and his favourite anime would have to be Black Cat.
You can email him or follow him on tumblr


Alex D. Jones

Position: Editor
Specialties: Video games, literature, wearing waistcoats on a casual basis
Alex has been a games critic and commentator for half a decade, and in that time has developed a taste for the artgames movement and the push for a re-analysis of video games as an art form. He has published articles on sites such as Gameranx and Nukezilla, and believes – perhaps foolishly – in a positive attitude towards the creative power and potential of the industry in spite of his jaded attitude towards pretty much everything else.
You can watch him troll Chris Brown fans on Twitter @AlexDJones and follow his professional, 100% gif-free tumblr (or his personal, 100% gif-filled one