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Freedom Ain’t Free: Ace of Spades

ace of spades 1Freedom Ain’t Free is an irregular column for impressions from open betas and Steam free weekends. These aren’t full reviews, and, since these are often multiplayer games, it can be hard to compare their userbases during free periods to their general populace. These are just impression pieces based off of what the developers show off during these free windows.

Ace of Spades didn’t get much press, for a few reasons. It’s easy to look at its aesthetic and dismiss it as merely being Minecraft-with-guns, and it’s also easy to see Runescape developer Jagex’s name on the credits and think that they’re making another simulacratic game to cash in on what’s big at the moment.

Despite these factors, Ace of Spades manages to be a fun, light variation on classic FPS game modes thanks to its focus on terrain deformation. It lacks the balance of Team Fortress 2 and the scale of Battlefield, keeping it from the realm of serious tactical play, but there’s a lot of enjoyment to get out of it in the right modes, with the right people. Continue reading

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