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Review: Saga, Volume 1


Saga starts off with your standard star-crossed lovers – in this case from two warring races – who have eloped together. The pleasantries and clichés are thankfully skipped and we’re greeted with the birth of their first child, while the narrator (the child herself) muses on the nature of ideas; “This is how an idea becomes real.” It becomes clear this is writer Brian K Vaughn’s manifesto on his creative process and why he prefers to collaborate (in this case with impressive artist Fiona Staples). It’s obvious and a little heavy-handed, sure, but it’s offset well by the humour in the characters’ dialogue and serves as a nice introduction to the tone of the book. After a relatively quick and apparently painless birth, we learn some more about the characters (winged lady Alana and ram-horned Marko) and the universe outside through their dialogue and then we’re off.

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